This section will discuss how to create links or short cuts to files and/or directories. Links are a handy way to create your own user-friendly name for a command. You can also use links to quickly get to a long path name. As a old unix user, I like to use the command pg instead of the Linux command less. By creating a link from ‘less’ to ‘pg’, everytime I enter ‘pg’, Linux actually uses the ‘less’ command.

ln creates standard or symbolic links.

Note: Make sure the name you are linking to do not already exist!

Options What it does
-s Will create a symbolic link
directory or file name name of existing path, directory or file  name
directory or file name new linked name
Examples What it does
ln /usr/bin/less /usr/bin/pg Links pg to less
ln -s /var/log /logs Creates a symbolic link  ‘/logs’ to the  directory ‘/var/log’.
If you enter ‘cd /logs’, you are actually in the directory ‘/var/log’.

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