Computer Services

One Stop Service for Your Computer Services

Advanced Horizons, Inc was organized to provide competent and knowledgeable people to businesses using computers.

We can be your one-stop service for all of your computer needs or provide additional resources to your existing IT staff.

Networking & Security

  • Advanced Horizons is well-versed in LAN, WAN, wireless and Internet technologies.
  • We can help design and support
    • resilient and redundant networks
    • VPN connectivity
    • Internet strategies
    • Multi-location replication
  • The proliferation of mobile devices, BYOD, Internet access and global threats from hackers, competitors and rogue nations creates daily challenges. We design and implement solutions for network and system security including mobile and end-device management.
  • We work with your team, internal audit and compliance departments or third party auditors to remediate vulnerabilities and shortcomings to ensure you meet your compliance requirements.
  • We can make your network secure and reliable.

Cloud Services

  • Cloud computing is is transforming the way IT serves businesses.
  • You have the flexibility to choose between public or private cloud and on-site or off-premises hosting.
  • We have the expertise to help you choose which is right for you.
  • We can help you optimize your migration so you can benefit from the power, elasticity and cost-efficiency of the cloud at your own pace and in your own way.
  • A very popular cloud application that we offer is Office 365 that gives you virtually anywhere access to the latest Office applications, plus cloud-based IT services including business email.

Web Development

  • Since 1996 we have been building effective business to business and business to consumer websites for clients in a variety of areas, offering a full range of services including creative
    • development
    • marketing
    • hosting
  • We are confident that no matter what your business needs are, our team can work with you to create and launch an appropriate, dynamic solution.
  • Users will not enjoy their experience with your site if it is not operating under the best methodologies.
  • We work with you throughout the process to ensure the website you have envisioned is brought to life.
  • We are accomplished in every aspect of Web development – including user interface, page flow, security, database, and training.
  • For some of our customers, we have created brand new applications.
  • For others, we’ve developed applications to replace outdated systems.
  • Our development uses leading edge Web technology to deliver streamlined functionality and increased cost savings.
  • Want to find out how we can help? Then contact us and let’s start talking

Custom Microsoft Access Development

  • Need Microsoft Access assistance?
  • We have assisted organizations with everything from creating their first database all the way up to enterprise based solutions using the Access Front End / Microsoft SQL or mySQL Backend configuration.
  • We create software that is tailor made for your specific needs.
  • It could be an Access development for software for an internal need when you cannot find reasonably priced commercial products to do the job.
  • Custom software programming was the original service provided by our company.
  • Our custom software staff includes programming experts in a variety of languages and tools necessary to produce custom software, ranging from a compact Microsoft Access database to high-performance data-driven web sites.
  • If you need help with Access development, Access programs or Access support, please give us a call.
  • We are Access experts.

Computer Systems & Servers

  • Workforces are becoming more mobile and using more devices – including personal devices as part of the BYOD trend.
  • At the same time, organizations are facing increasing compliance requirements and security threats.
  • And finally, from in-house datacenters to the public cloud, there are more options for providing and consuming IT services than ever before.
  • We can develop and execute a plan for deploying and managing end-user devices and technologies including desktop, laptop and mobile devices, Virtual Desktop (VDI) and cloud solutions.
  • We are an authorized dealer for HP, Lenovo, Viewsonic, Samsung, Xerox, Ruskus, F-Secure, Barracuda, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Sophos, Microlite just to name a few.

Architecture Design

  • We have the unique capability of providing both customer premise and cloud-based architecture design services.
  • We help our customers design or redesign their infrastructure to take advantage of optimal technologies based on the business and application requirements.
  • We have IT operations and management experience so we design with on-going management and maintenance in mind.
  • We have the knowledge to work woth both Windows and Linux servers.


  • Network, Active Directory, Operating System and DNS issues can wreak havoc on infrastructure.
  • Let us help identify and correct system and infrastructure problems that impact application performance or availability.