Business Pro – Business Accounting


Business Pro is a complete business accounting system. A great solution for small to medium size companies. Users love the ease of use and navigation of this award-winning application. We have not been able to find a system that is as easy to use and includes this vast amount of features anywhere near the price. Because the package is so easy to use, you only need a minimal amount of training. The manuals are easy to understand with explanations and samples that answer your questions.


Best of all, open source code coupled with a Microsoft Access database lets you modify the software for all your specific needs.

Business Pro Feature Summary

  • Quick and Easy Company Setup
  • Unlimited Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, Invoices
  • Network Ready
  • Multiple Company
  • Flexible and Customizable Numbering for Sales, Purchases, Customers, Suppliers and Inventory
  • Analysis Tools for Sales, Purchases, Inventory and more
  • Sales
    • Customer Custom Pricing
    • Recurring Invoices
    • Automatic Freight Calculator
    • Credit Card Deposits and Reconciliation
  • Inventory
    • Inventory Assemblies including reverse assemblies, assembly tree and parts explosion
    • Advanced style/color matrix
    • Advanced Inventory Reconciliation form
    • Inventory Reserves and date-based pricing per item
    • Records inventory transactions for sales, transfers, receipts
    • Set Decimal Places for Prices and Quantities
  • Purchasing
    • Create Purchase Orders from Sales for Backordered and Drop Shipped items
    • Purchase Order Receiving function lets you receive items from one or many purchase orders
    • Recurring Payables
    • Supplier and Item Purchase History
  • General Ledger
    • Double-entry General Ledger
    • Supports Fiscal Year Budgets or Calendar Year Budgets
  • Utilities
    • Search Manager with User Modifiable Searches
    • Archive Wizard Deletes and Stores Outdated Data
    • Security Controls User Access to Forms – Full, Read Only or None
    • Export Wizard exports data to Excel, HTML, Word, SQL and text files
    • Import data from Quickbooks, ASCII, Excel, and more


  • Searchable user guides in Adobe PDF format
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Getting Started Technical Support
  • Sample data to help you get started

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Business Pro Standard Modules

Quotes, Order Entry and Invoicing

The Quote, Order Entry and Invoicing Systems provide a rich, full-featured environment for entering, processing and managing orders.

  • 4 Format types for Sales/Invoice – Simple, Detail, Service and Professional
  • Automatic Numbering – Options for Date Based, Sequential or Custom
  • Unlimited Orders and Line Items
  • Add/Edit Customers and Inventory Items from Entry Forms
  • Checks Customer Credit Balance and Status
  • Automatically Duplicate Sales Orders, Invoices
  • Automatically Create Sales Order from Quotation and Invoice from Sales Order
  • Automatically Calculates Freight Charges
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Handles multiple partial shipments and backorders
  • Line Items
    • Automatically Fills in Price and Description from Inventory
    • Sell Inventory or Non-Inventory Items
    • Supports Several Pricing Levels and Discounting
    • Override Item Description and Price
    • Automatically Checks Stock and Adjusts Inventory
    • Line Item Discounts
    • Up to Two Tax Rates per Item/Invoice
    • Lookup Inventory Items by Barcode, Description or Item Number
    • Sales Order Information displays Inventory Item Information and Lets You Decide Quantities to Ship and Backorder. Lets You Select Reserve Quantities and Drop Ship Quantities
    • Enter Separate GL Accounts for Each Line Item
    • Enter comments per line
  • Create and Track Partial Shipments and Back Orders
  • Enter Comments for Each Order
  • Credit Memo Records Returned Items
  • Apply Unlimited Payments to an Invoice
  • Prints Plain Paper Invoice or Data Only
  • Automatically Create Purchase Orders from Sales Orders for Drop Shipped or Backordered Items
  • Powerful Search Functions

Inventory Management

The Inventory System provides rich functionality found only in many high end systems. Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor, the inventory system can meet your needs.

  • Choose to Use Periodic or Perpetual Inventory
  • Unlimited Warehouses
  • Categories/Classes
    • Use Optional Inventory Categories
    • Define Inventory Classes including Stock Tracking, Backorders and GL Accounts
    • For Each Individual Item Override Class Selection of Stock Tracking, Allow Backorders
  • Include Long Text Description and Picture for Each Item
  • Active/Inactive Indicator for Outdated/Obsolete Items
  • Search for Items by Description, Item Number, Supplier, Serial Number or Barcode
  • Select Default and Unlimited Alternate Suppliers, Including Price and Lead Time
  • Stock, Cost Status
    • LIFO, FIFO or Weighted Average Costing
    • Track Stock, Allow Backorders, Show on Sales Orders, Show on Purchase Orders, Allow Out of Stock Sales
    • Displays Stock Level Graph on Screen
    • Calculates Amount on Hand, On Order, On Backorder, Average Cost
    • Displays Last Order Info, Date and Reorder Quantity
    • Maintain Defaults for Purchase Cost and Retail Price
    • Maintain Supplier and PO Number for Each Receipt
    • Supports Reserve Quantities for Deferred Sales and Calculates Amounts on Reserve
    • Drop Ship option for shipping items to Customer
    • Each Receipt of Goods is Tracked Separately – Includes Date, Quantities, Cost, Supplier, PO Number, Warehouse
  • Serial Items
    • Easily Enter Groups of Serial Numbers
    • Supports Serialized Items and Tracks Each Individual Item
  • Adjustments
    • Transfer Goods Between Warehouses
    • Adjust Quantity in Stock Across Multiple Receipts of Goods
    • Set Default GL Accounts for Inventory Sales, Cost of Goods, +/- Adjustments
    • Choose to Automatically Post Inventory Adjustments to GL
  • Style/Color Matrix
    • Create Unlimited Master Column/Row Matrix for Style/Color Items
    • Matrix Grid Lets You Enter Quantities for Each Column/Row Cell and Automatically Assign Any Name to Matrix Columns and Rows
  • Assemblies
    • Build Assemblies with Unlimited Levels
    • Assemblies Items Include Full Bill of Materials with Multi-level Assembly Tree
    • Build Assemblies Rolling Up All Materials, Labor and Cost to Any Level
    • Disassemble Components and Restock Inventory
    • Automatically Calculate Assembly Quantity Based on In Stock Amounts
    • Automatically Create Purchase Orders for Necessary Raw Materials
  • Pricing
    • Maintain Special Pricing for Each Item based on Price Levels, Quantity Purchased
    • Inventory Pricing Includes Discount, Markup, Fixed Price, Range
    • Unlimited Multi-Pricing Levels by Qty High, Low, Percentage and Price
    • Unlimited Date-based Special Pricing by Date Range, Percentage, Price
    • Inventory Functions for Updating Matrix and Special Pricing Items
    • Batch Screen to Update Prices for Multiple Items
    • Import Price Books from Outside Vendors in Formats including Excel, ASCII, Access, and XML
  • Set Taxable Status for Up to Two Tax Rates Per Item
  • Maintain Shipping Weight for Freight Charges
  • CalculatesInsurance Value and Replacement Cost
  • Batch Reconciliation Form to Perform Quick Physical Count and Update All Items at Once, Including Serial Numbers
  • Loading Dock Module for Inventory Receiving and Reconciliation
  • Set Picking Order, Bin and Location
  • Inventory Transaction Log records Sales, Purchases and Inventory Adjustments
  • Supplier Purchase History

Customers and Accounts Receivable

Maintaining accurate and detailed information on your customers and outstanding receivables is vital for any business. Business Pro has a robust customer and receivables system that helps you to know your customers inside and out. Record unlimited contact names and numbers for each customer, enter delivery routes, default payment and sales information and log customer calls. View current and overdue invoices and pay one or multiple invoices. The powerful Customer Statements module lets you setup, manage, and print customer statements.

  • Enter Your Own Customer Numbers or Use Auto Sequential Numbering
  • Set Address Types as Ship To, Bill To, Both or Quote
  • Unlimited Ship To Addresses for Each Bill To and Vice Versa
  • Set Customers as Active or Inactive
  • Easily Duplicate a Customer
  • Enter Default Sales Information to Auto Prefill on Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Enter Delivery Route Information Including Driving Directions
  • Contact Manager
    • Lets you record customer notes, contact log and follow-up calls including dates and times
    • Lets You Record All Interaction with a Customer – Phone Calls, Support, Purchases, Complaints and Checklist for Follow Up Calls
    • Enter Unlimited Contacts Per Customer Including Name, Phone, Email, Fax and More
  • Terms and Credit Info
    • Set Default Payment Methods
    • Place Customer on Credit Hold for Notification During Order Entry
  • Receivables
    • View Customer Credit Limit and Current Credit Balance
    • Set Date Range for Displaying Outstanding Invoices
    • Set Aging Date to Calculate Length of Time Overdue
    • Display Unpaid, Paid or All Invoices for Each Customer or All Customers
    • View Customers by Name or Company, With or Without Balances
    • View Total Amount, Total Paid and Total Receivable for Each Invoice, Including Credit Balances
    • Automatically Calculates Total Amounts Due and Paid to Date as well as Aging Status – Current, Over 30, Over 60, Over 90
    • Change the Aging Date to Perform Forecast Scenarios
    • Print Customer Statements and Dunning Letters
    • Enter a Single Payment and Quickly Pay Multiple Invoices
    • Apply Zero Payment Credits
    • Automatically Allocate Payments from Oldest to Newest Invoice
    • Apply Unused Credit Balances Towards Outstanding Balances
    • View and Print a Customer’s Prior Sales History including Amounts Paid and Balances Due
    • Print All or Selected Receivables
    • Easily Reconcile Payments Made by Credit Card and Create Deposits
    • Credit Card Reconciliation Form Displays Charges Outstanding, Gross, and Net Amounts
    • Enter and Manage Merchant Credit Card Accounts Including Discount Types and Rate and Statement Histories
  • Pricing
    • Set Up to Two Pricing Levels for Inventory Items – Range, Discount, Markup, Retail, First, Last and Pick
    • Create Custom Pricing for Each Item in Inventory for a Customer
    • Use Special Date/Time-based Pricing for a Customer
    • Set Up to Two Default Tax Jurisdictions and Rates for Each Customer or Tax Exempt
    • Set User Defined Finance Charge Processing Options – Days Past Due, Min
      Charge, Percentage, Min. Balance and More
    • Apply Finance Charges for All or Selected Customers
    • Archive and Delete Unused Customers


  • Set Automatic Purchase Order Numbering or Enter Your Own
  • Separate Supplier Bill To and Ship To Addresses
  • Handles Drop Shipments and Third Party Billing
  • Duplicate Purchase Orders
  • Posts Pending Order Information to Inventory
  • Track Expected Delivery Dates, Amount and Quantity Received
  • Display Goods to Purchase by Selected or All Suppliers
  • Add Comments
  • Receiving
    • Receive Partial Shipments
    • Automatically Receive in Groups of Serial Numbered Items
    • Receive Goods by Color, Size, Style
    • Each Receipt Updates and Re-costs Inventory
    • Lets you receive items from multiple purchase orders and update inventory
  • Track Payments to Vendors
  • Item Purchase History displays purchase history for each inventory item


  • Create a Bill for Each Purchase and Auto Fill Bill Info from PO and Supplier Defaults
  • Manage Invoice Date, Due Date, Terms, Amount Due
  • Record All GL Information and Split Between Multiple Accounts
  • Enter Discounts Taken
  • Denote on Bill if Items and Invoice Have Been Received
  • Duplicate Bills
  • Designate if Bill Requires 1099
  • View Outstanding Bills for All or Selected Suppliers
  • View All Unposted Bills and Post All or Selected Ones
  • Recurring Payables Wizard Allows You To Memorize Bill
  • Manage Recurring Payables Including Amount Due, Date Due, Frequency and Much More


  • Make Unlimited Payments Against One Invoice
  • All Payments Posted to General Ledger
  • Pay by Check, Credit Card, Cash
  • Pay All or Selected Suppliers and Invoices
  • Display Total Amount of Invoice, Total Paid and Current Balance
  • Aging Summary Calculates Total Amount Due – Current, Over 30, Over 60, Over 90
  • Enter Total Amount to Pay and Automatically Allocate to Due Invoices or All Invoices
  • View Payment Summary and Create Checks
  • Reconcile and Pay Company Credit Cards
  • 1099’s
    • Create 1099’s for All or Selected Vendors
    • View 1099 Detailed Info or Summary
    • Print 1099’s to Plain Paper or Pre-printed Forms

General Ledger and Financial Reporting

The double-entry General Ledger system is advanced enough for your accountant, yet easy enough for users to understand and use. Select from one of over 20 pre-defined chart of accounts or enter your own.
Chart of Accounts

  • Use any Number of Alpha-Numeric Characters for Account Numbers and Descriptions
  • Maintain Account and Sub Account Information
  • User Definable Groups and Sequences
  • Includes Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, COGS, Expense, Other Revenue and Other Expense
  • Post Transactions by Current Date or Transaction Date
  • Set Default Accounts to Use for Inventory, Invoices and Purchases
  • Rollup Sub Accounts on Financial Statements
  • Easily Define Beginning Balances or Set All to Zero
  • Create User Defined Financial Periods for any budget period including non-month cycles (Jan 1-Jan 12)
  • Perform End of Period Closings – Closings are Optional – Never Close if You Choose

General Ledger and Journal

  • Double Entry General Ledger
  • View Ledger by Account and Sub Account – Ledger Displays Date, Debit, Credit, Source and Operation for Each Transaction
  • View All Transactions or by Selected Dates/Date Range
  • View Beginning and Current Balance
  • See Complete Journal Transactions With One Click
  • Reverse Transactions Using Today’s Date or Transaction Date
  • Enter and Save Adjustments for recurring adjustments
  • Print Journal Entries by Date

Financial Statements

  • Chart Accounts Listing
  • General Ledge Accounts Listing
  • General Journal reports
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Various types of Trial Balance reports
  • Budget vs Actual


  • Supports Calendar Year or Fiscal Year Budgets
  • Select Budget Years to Create including budgets for each period
  • Auto Fill Budget by a Specified Value, Percentage Change or Amount Change
  • Compare Budget to Actual


Banking system lets you visually create and view checks, deposits, and adjustments. You can create an unlimited number of bank accounts and easily switch between them. Visual check register and reconciliation forms make viewing and reconciling your bank data easy and efficient.

  • Unlimited Bank/Checking/Saving Accounts
  • Set Default GL Cash Account and Starting Check Number
  • Record Checks, Deposits, Withdrawals and Adjustments
  • Includes Standard Bank Transaction Types or Add Your Own
  • Checks
    • Auto Create Check Stubs
    • Duplicate, Void, Renumber and Transfer checks
    • Batch Post Selected or All Checks
    • Check Register Sorts by Date, Check Number, Transaction and More
    • Print Checks and Deposit Slips on Plain Paper or Standard Check Stock
    • Optional Plain Paper MICR Check Printing Font
    • Prints Checks for Standard or Window Envelopes
    • Select Information to Be Printed on Checks
    • Print Current Check, Marked Checks, Check Number Range or Date Range
  • Deposits
    • Auto Create Detailed Deposit Slip
    • Print Detailed Deposit Slips
  • Enter Multiple GL Account Splits Including Negative Amounts
  • Reconciliation Form Lets You View and Print Transactions – Choose All, Cleared, Outstanding or by Date Range

Business Pro Report Features

Over 200 reports are included and can be customized for your business needs. You can easily filter data in your report by choosing to limit data displayed between a range of dates or using up to two criteria options per each report.

  • Customize or Add Your Own Reports to the Report Manager
  • Reports Grouped by Category with Complete Description
  • Print Company Logo, Report Name, Date
  • Print Up to Two Optional Titles
  • Add Up to Two Additional Criteria to Help User Limit Data to Print
  • Add Date Selectors to Any Report
  • Set Default Date Range for a Report
  • Select Dates to Print by Calendar, Entry or Period (Today, This Week, Last Year, etc..)
  • Print to Screen or Printer
  • Set Number of Copies to Print
  • Report Footer Includes Date Printed and Page Numbers

Business Pro Analysis Tools

Powerful Analysis Tools help you analyze and forecast sales and inventory data.

Inventory Projections

  • Display inventory needed for open and backordered sales orders
  • Calculate quantity in stock, required quantity, quantity on backorder and quantity on order
  • View original sales order for any line item
  • View detail or summary data
  • View all items or required items based on user specified date range
  • Automatically calculate quantities to order
  • Sort by any column – item number, description, required date, and quantities
  • Print summary or detail reports

Verify Inventory Totals

  • View analysis for backorders, reserved items, or on order items
  • Displays item number, description, sales/backorder number, inventory quantity and difference
  • Sort data by any column
  • View detail inventory form for a selected item
  • Adjust all or selected items
  • Exclude zero differences option
  • Print summary report

Sales Analysis

  • Analyze sales orders, quotations, or invoices
  • Show sales orders for all or a selected customer
  • View all orders or orders within a user specified date range
  • Show sales orders summary info or selected items detail
  • Display and sort by sales order number, sales date, bill to/ship to company, and salesperson
  • Toggle display of bill to or ship to contact
  • Drill down to detail info including quantity ordered, shipped, backordered, reserved
  • Detail view lets you choose to display all items, drop ship, backorders, reserves and shipped items
  • Drop ship and shipped indicator for each line item lets you view status of each item on an order
  • Detail view displays item number, description
  • Search by sales order, date, customer, item, description
  • Print summary report

Item/Supplier/Date Analysis

  • Analyze items by supplier/item, item/supplier, or item/date
  • View all or selected suppliers and items
  • View all dates or enter user defined date range
  • Displays item number, supplier, received date, quantity received, cost, and total
  • Sort by any column
  • Easily open inventory form for selected item
  • Print summary analysis report

Purchase Order Backorder Analysis

  • View summary info on all backorders
  • View all backorders or between user specified date range
  • Displays sales order number, sales date, item number
  • Toggle between displaying item number and description
  • Show quantity ordered, shipped, and backordered
  • Show quantities in stock and on backorder from inventory
  • Show associated purchase order number, quantity ordered and received
  • Easily view purchase order number, quantity ordered, and received
  • Sort by sales order number, sales date, item number/description, purchase order number
  • Print purchase order back order analysis report

Business Pro Company Set-up and Security

Business! provides you with hundreds of options so you can setup your company the way you like to do business. Set default sales and general ledger information, create multiple company data files, and import data from other programs.


  • Over 200 company setup options to more precisely control your company without programming.
  • Enter Default Company Information Used on Forms and Reports – Includes Contacts, Phone Numbers, Email, Website, Logo and Tax Ids
  • Select Default Sales Order/Invoice Type, Taxable Items
  • Add and Maintain your Company Logo for inclusion on all reports
  • Option to Track Undeposited Checks
  • Enter Custom Order Sources, Shipping Methods, Sales Tax Rates, Sales People, Commissions and Payment Types
  • Set Custom and Default Numbering for Sales, Invoices, Purchases, Suppliers, Inventory and Customers
  • Turn Perpetual Inventory, Categories On or Off
  • Choose Default Inventory Search Method – Description, Barcode, Item Number
  • Choose Inventory Costing Method – Weighted Avg, FIFO, LIFO
  • Enter Inventory Categories
  • Choose Item Class, GL Accounts, Stock Tracking and Backorder Defaults
  • Set Default General Ledger Accounts
  • Choose to Post Using Today’s Date or Transaction Date
  • Set Default Bank Account and Merchant Credit Card Information
  • Enter Bank Account Transaction Types
  • Select Number of Decimal Places Used for Sales and Inventory
  • Choose Budget Type – Calendar Year or Fiscal
  • Enter Messages to Display and Print on Invoices, Bill of Ladings, Purchase Orders
  • Set Default Purchasing Options
  • Set Default Company Credit Card Info for Purchases
  • Sales Option Function Lets You Choose How Form Records are Displayed – First, Last or Blank
  • Select Which Sales Forms are Used and How Inventory is Depleted
  • Select Items on Sales Orders via Combo Box or Text Box – useful for Searching Thousands of Inventory Items
  • Track Undeposited Credit Card Payments in Sales System
  • Setup Freight Calculator options for Automatically Calculating Freight in the Sales System – Calculates Freight Cost by Zone, Weight, Number of Items, and Sum of Costs
  • Select to Use Calendar Year or Fiscal Year Budgets


  • Turn Application Security On or Off
  • Enter Unlimited Users
  • User is Required to Logon With User ID and Password When System Starts
  • Assign One of Four Security Levels – Administrator, Supervisor, Normal, Read Only
  • Use Default Security Level or Customize for Each User
  • Copy Security Profiles from Other Users
  • Provide Security to Form Level Tasks – Read/Write, Read Only, No Access
  • Option to Set Separate Passwords for Printing Checks, Unposting Items, Unvoiding Checks, and Unpaying Bills

Business Pro Utilities

Business! includes several utility functions that help you manage your data and keep your program and data files in good shape.

Export Data The Export Data wizard is a powerful tool that lets you export data from Business! to file formats such as ASCII, Excel, and more.

Archive Data The Archive Data wizard lets you archive and optionally delete data including sales, inventory, purchases, banking, bills, and more. Choose data by date range or other criteria.

Optional Add Ons

  • Fixed Assets/Depreciation
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Barcoding
  • Point of Sale