Advanced Horizon’s has always come through for us. They’ve recommended cost effective solutions for the operation of our business. The products and services they offer are second to none. They are our IT department.

One time a hacker destroyed our server and locked us out of our own data. Advanced Horizons got us back up and running in 2 days with a secure server and our data restored.

If you’re looking for IT services, they will meet and exceed your needs.

William R. Owen
ETS Equipment Co., Inc.

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Being a family owned small business today is tough enough. So if you want to not only survive, but excel in business you need an amazing IT consultant to make that happen. Advanced Horizons is a great company to work with. They took the time to understand our needs so they could set us up with the most productive and most cost effective system when we had outgrown our original one. They came in and offered training and didn’t leave until we had a thorough understanding for the program.

Advanced Horizons doesn’t just provide you with the hardware and software you require, they are there for the day to day issues every business faces.  Their support is fast and efficient. From viruses to fire walls to storage, they always manage to get us back up and running in no time.

For example, one day our old firewall stopped working. Advanced Horizons was able to order a new firewall, pick it up, bring it to our office, hook it up, configure it and have us up and running all in the same day.

Also, their website allows for quick connection right into your system to help with whatever problems you might have. Service is hands down better than anyone else we’ve used before.

Give them a shot… you will not be disappointed!

Tara Benhart
The Alphabet Shop
Elgin, IL

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During the course of buisiness there are relationships built over years. Some good, some a little less than good and then there are those you are grateful you were able to stumble upon and maintain.

When Roger called me and asked if I would be willing to write a testimonial I actually was more than happy to do so. So often in business and life you forget to thank those that have positively impacted your relationship.

Roger and I have had a business relationship going back to the early 1990’s. At the time the company I was working for had a computer system that the hardware and software were proprietary. We were moving to a UNIX system and could not electronically extract the information from the old system. This meant we would have hundred of hours keying and proof reading information into the new system. After sitting down and thinking it through, we did come up with a solution. Since we could print all the info we needed, I asked if there was some way to scan the reports. Roger took it one step farther and determined he could write a program that could read the data while the original computer thought it was printing. This save hours of keying and proofing as well as being 100% accurate.

Four years ago we lost our IT person. I was the most computer savvy and took on the responsibility. One area we needed assistance with was report writing. We have a UNIX system used Crystal Reports to extract the data. An outside IT company recommended we talk to Advanced Horizons. To my pleasant surprise it was Roger. I know from experience he would be able to handle anything we needed.

Roger has been able to assist in UNIX, PC systems, networking, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access and other questions. It is a unique find to have an IT service that understands UNIX, Windows, report writng within business, as well as the actual programs being used e.g. Microsoft Access or Excel.

Just as personal note: Roger is easy to work with and understands your needs by asking the right questions during any exploratory process. If anyone would like a direct reference feel free to contact me.

James V Cortese

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Roger and his team consistently provide us with excellent service and quality work. Having worked with Roger for almost twenty years he almost always finds solutions to all our computer needs both in software and hardware.

Cary Schack
Rico Industries

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Advanced Horizons is the place, to solve any computer problems you face. Software, hardware, Internet e-mail, they do it all, they never fail. So if you have a computer glitch, give them a call, for a pleasant switch.

Chris Stratton
Aero Rubber

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Roger’s been a great asset to us as an outside IT consultant. He knows a lot about a lot and when he doesn’t know something he can always figure it out.

On top of that, he’s very fair with billing and does a great job documenting where time is spent, and how much time is spent when working on projects. I highly recommend him.

Nick Stamas
South Side
Control Supply Co

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