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Barracuda offers a wide range of spam and intrusion control appliances that are scalable to almost any size, from a handful of seats to those with 20,000 seats.

Barracuda Spam Firewall

Complete protection of your email server. A powerful solution to eliminating spam and viruses from your organization by providing the following protection…

  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-spyware (Attachments)
  • Denial of Service

The anti-spam appliance uses 12 layers of defense

  • Network DoS Protection
  • Rate Control
  • IP Reputation Analysis
  • Sender Authentication
  • Recipient Verification
  • Virus Scanning
  • Policy (User-specified rules)
  • Spam Fingerprint Checks
  • Intent Analysis
  • Image Analysis
  • Bayesian (Text) analysis
  • Rule-based Scoring

No add-ons or additional modules are needed, everything required is included. Unit is fully equipped with the most powerful and comprehensive feature sets available.

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Why is the Barracuda better?

What separates the Barracuda device from other anti-spam techniques is Barracuda Central. This is a 24/7 security operations center that has engineers who continuously monitor the Internet for the latest spam definitions, viruses and other email-borne threats. Automatic updates are sent hourly to your Barracuda device. The updates help protect your company’s security by staying ahead of the spammers as they come out with new ways of getting through your security.

The automatic update service, Energize Update, is renewed on an annual basis.

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You can select from a variety of statistical reports that can be automatically emailed. The unit is designed to be virtually maintenance free. You can subscribe to an optional Instant Replacement program which provides for next day replacement.

Configuration is done through a Web-based interface that is built into the system. Even though the screens and options are comprehensive and allow for a large amount of customization, customization is rarely required because the unit comes with default settings and self-tuning parameters that cover 95% of your needs.

Online demo of Web-based interface (Username=guest, Password – spam)

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How it Works

Each email is comprehensively evaluated using two main classes of sophisticated algorithms and techniques

  • Connection Management
    • Emails are filtered through five defense layers to verify authenticity of envelope information
    • Any inappropriate incoming mail connections are dropped even before receiving the message
    • The majority of spam emails are caught at this point, which greatly reduces the amount of network traffic on your Internet connection
  • Mail Scanning
    • Any emails that survive the connection verification process must then undergo a thorough mail scanning process that involves an additional seven defense layers of message analysis.

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